E. R. Reid provides expert strategy and branding services, tools and resources for businesses, individuals and several community initiatives. 


Ms. Reid worked for some of the most prestigious firms in the world before starting her own.  Her goal is to help others effectively use their time and resources so they achieve the destinies they were born to achieve.

As a minister for more than 20 years, she uses biblically-sound approaches and strategic foundations in her consulting work that render outstanding results for any business, community or individual.  Your PVM service for businesses is stellar and has received rave reviews.


Her books are God-inspired and provide life-changing revelation that can help anyone. Her latest, Live For Results: From Purpose to Plan to Destiny, is like 3 books in 1.  It explains how to live successfully through each of the five areas of life, gives you the process for discovering your purpose and walks you through the step-by-step system for developing an effective plan that will help you achieve your goals.


Try her services and products. I'm sure you will agree that it's just what you need to succeed.


Helping Businesses, Individuals and Communities develop effective plans that will seal their success.


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Establishing Solid Strategic Foundations for Your Business Success

Without the right foundation, your business cannot reach its full potential.  E.R. Reid offers her unique PVM (Purpose, Vision and Mission) service to help founders and C-Level executives establish or reconstruct the foundations of their businesses, which can save them thousands of dollars in costs and produce millions of dollars in revenue.  


She also provides strategy meeting facilitation, operational assessments and productivity improvement evaluations.


Building for the future in today’s rapidly evolving business environment means making insightful strategic decisions based on clearly knowing your PVM and S.W.O.T.  




Reid & Company offers three primary services and tools for individuals:

1. Live For Results: From Purpose to Plan to Destiny - For those that know their lives were meant for more than what they're experiencing now, Live For Results is the tool that will help you chart the right course forward.  It's like 3 books in 1 as it helps you understand the value of life planning, gives you the tools to discover your unique purpose and walks you through the step-by-step process for developing your own effective plan for having a successful journey towards your destiny.  




2. Live For Results Online Coaching Be advised by expert strategist Eleanor Reid. She will assist you with setting goals, assess your business ideas or review your personal life strategies.  Time slots range from 15 to 90 minutes and space is limited. Book your initial session, today!




3. Live For Results Video library - View our entrepreneurship and ministry videos as they address many of the questions you may have in any of the five life areas of Faith, Health, Relationships, Career and Finances.



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Book E. R. Reid for Your Event Eleanor Reid is a powerful and inspiring speaker and can be booked for your business, university or church events based on availability.

Support for Nonprofit Causes Reid & Company selectively supports and manages several charitable events throughout the year by spearheading fundraising, volunteerism and coordination. 2017 events include,



The Blind Idol and Visionary Honors - June 3, 2017, Raleigh, NC

Young Men's Summit - August 12, 2017, Durham, NC  REGISTRATION NOW OPEN!

Young Women's Summit - Fall, 2017, TBD

The Blind ANY

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President and CEO

Eleanor is highly gifted in the areas of business and life strategy, helping people chart the right course to their desired destinies. Having worked for some of the world's most prestigious firms before starting her own, she brings more than 25 years of experience and keen insight to help you succeed. 


We're ready to work with you!


Strategist, Author, Minister

Great Inspirational Messages, Testimonies, Truth and Encouragement

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