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Ensuring You Have the Right Foundation for business success

The most important part of any structure is its foundation. Though small and often not visible, it determines the width, height and strength of what is built on top of it. If a foundation is not built correctly, what is built on top, no matter how beautiful, will eventually fall.  For more than 20 years, E. R. Reid has specialized in helping startups and existing businesses lay the right foundation for business success and is able to work with businesses in any industry and of any size.  She will construct professional and meaningful Purpose, Vision and Mission (PVM) statements that will help you chart the optimum strategic course to reach your goals.  Your PVM will help you stay on course even through adverse business climates or circumstances, and will provide clarity to both customers and employees, increase productivity and can save you thousands of invested dollars by preventing wasteful decisionmaking.

You will receive a two- to four-page PVM report that contains your unique PVM, a high-level strategy outline, recommended next steps for developing a detailed business strategy and guidance for using the PVM as a part of your operations.

Here is what two clients had to say about Reid & Company’s PVM service:

“Premier results from a highly talented provider who is an expert in what she does. I highly recommend this Service!!!”
Owner, Tour Company, New Zealand

“This is amazing work! I am more than impressed with your obvious expertise. I especially like that the Purpose, Vision and Mission Statements get to the point and do not drag on needlessly. I highly recommend Reid & Company!”
Owner, Engineering Company, United States


If you are interested in the PVM or other consulting services such as facilitation, operations improvement and productivity evaluations, please email us at OR order the PVM service below to get started.

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