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How to Pray Effectively As a Kingdom Citizen

#3 How to Pray Effectively as a Kingdom Citizen

We’ve been talking about the posture of prayer and that prayers prayed in faith and trust in God get results. But what words do you use and how do you put those words together when you pray so you are sure that God will listen and answer? Well, thank God it is not about the perfect words we can string together to get results. It’s only about praying what God wants you to pray so that your words are in agreement with His will.

God is not double-minded. His words can be trusted for He won’t take them back once they go out from His mouth. You lay your petition before God in prayer as led by the Holy Spirit. Jesus Christ takes up that prayer and is ever making petitions and interceding for us. God then makes His ruling as a righteous judge. Once He speaks or gives His ruling, the Holy Ghost goes out to perform it. How does He perform it? The Holy Ghost does it in and through each of us. Each person that has accepted Christ as their savior has received a measure of His Holy Spirit. To clarify a question many people have, Speaking in tongues is, in part, necessary evidence of His presence. But if you haven’t spoken in tongues yet that doesn’t mean you don’t have the Holy Spirit. It just means you are not taking full advantage of the Kingdom authority you have as a believer. I’ll explain in a minute.

The Holy Spirit knows the heart and mind of God. That is why He can lead us on how to pray and is sent out to do the will of God after God rules on what we’ve prayed. As God has given authority to men in the physical earth, The Holy Spirit must work through you and with your permission, which is your faith. This is why no one can please God without faith. Lack of faith works against the will of God and is actually the quenching of the Spirit spoke of in I Thessalonians 5:19. We can’t prevent God’s will from being done because His will most certainly will be done. But whether or not He can get it done in and through you at this time in your life is up to your faith and trust. Faith says that you know and trust will make you do something about what you know.

The Spirit leads us to pray the will of God. If we pray outside of God’s will we will not see a Godly result because will only do His will and the Holy Spirit will only do what God charged Him to do. The Holy Spirit can give you how to pray in your natural language. That is good and effective. But when you pray in the Spirit, the words don’t have to get filtered through your brain where you have the ability to alter, even slightly, what comes out of your mouth and into the earth. That is the key. It is ultimately what is spoken through words, groans and other sounds that the earth hears and responds to. When you pray in the Holy Spirit, your mind hears the words and allows them to go out. But you are not filtering or controlling the words. It is all Him, it is all God. Therefore you can be assured that you have prayed a prayer in agreement with the will of God to which the earth must respond.

So, when you pray, whether in the Holy Spirit language or your known tongue, it is to be the words that God wants released into the atmosphere so His justice for you and others will manifest. If you pray from your fleshly desires as opposed to His will there is no agreement with God and therefore no manifestation of what you say you want. Jesus repeatedly showed us examples of this while he walked the earth. Consider the many healings that He did while here. Did He not always say or ask or hear of the person’s agreement in the form of faith for the healing to be done? Did He not on many occasions say that it was faith that made them whole? It is for this reason that the effective way to pray is in alignment with His written Word for we know that is His will. And, in His word He clearly and repeatedly states His will for us is to have and be the best. So, no worries. God is the one that puts right desires in each of us. If you are praying from that desire and not your flesh, know that it will be done for God already agrees and you can confirm it in His word.

Next time we will look at a higher revelation as we examine prayer and declaration.

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