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Learning How to Trust God

There was a time in my life when all seemed to be going well and I had the “freedom” to do what I wanted. Obviously this was within the confines of living a Christian life, or what I thought at the time was a Christian life. But then one day I heard the Lord say, “ Now the only thing that remains is for you to learn to trust me.” At the time, I did not know what that meant as I thought I that I did trust God. What ensued after that was several years of extremely tough times. I lost everything, my houses, vehicle, money, love relationship, everything except or bodies and lives, thank God. My children were in grade school and we ended up moving more than 16 times in a four-year period. I came to know what it was to be down to my last dime, literally. In better times, we lived on $20-40 per week. There was even a 45-day period during one of the coldest NC winters when we had no electricity. So we used flashlights, flushed the toilet with jugs of water, took showers at the YMCA and slept in the same bed so we could stay warm through the night.

But through all of that, I did not lose faith in God. I HAD to look to God because no man or woman had the capacity to help me. I worked wherever I could to make sure we could eat and the kids had what they needed for school. I stayed positive and they stayed on top of their school work. Instead of withdrawing from God, I pressed closer. I prayed more, a lot, actually. I got on early morning prayer calls, all night prayer at my church and prayed with my children who, also, were learning what it was to trust God for everything and anything. God kept showing up, every day or every week to provide what we needed.

I used to stress out when we were nearing the end of a stay at wherever we happened to be living or get nervous when I had to pay for my children’s needs by a certain time and I had no idea where the money was coming from. But, as God kept showing up to meet and exceed my needs, I learned that truly every solution was in Him. He allowed me to begin rebuilding and as I did, I still had to trust Him for work that would meet our needs. He always supplied even if it was month by month. Now, I rest when faced with a variety issues. Certain things that I wanted or was interested in when all this started, I have no interest in today as my perspective has changed. He grounded me, established me and empowered me with strength. He showed me His Word in action and my faith has multiplied. Yes, now I know better how to trust Him. As I do, he reveals more and more to me so I know what will work and what will not. Thereby, I avoid wasting time on what I think so that I can do what lines up with what God requires.

Although I’m far from perfect, I am changed for the best. As I keep my eyes on God and pursue what He wants, I remain at peace in whatever circumstance I find myself. And, I have spiritual understanding to change circumstances so they line up with His will. I have spiritual insight to understand why what God wants me to go through certain things. In other words, I’ve learned how to identify the mountains that need to be removed by the Spirit and those I need to climb to gain strength. Whatever God uses to build your trust in Him, allow it. For it will bring you into your future that is full of hope and great supernatural manifestation.

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