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We are still working from 2 Samuel 13. What a tragic story with tragic ends for three of David’s children and David, himself. But the Lord led me to read and re-read this scripture many times over several years. I wondered if it had to do with the abuse I suffered in my younger years. But after a time I realized that was not why he had me read it. I looked at the circumstance of each child involved and received revelation. But that still was not the main reason. Then one morning, I was led to read it again and the revelation went off like a megawatt light bulb!

The main issue was not Amnon, Jonadab or Absalom (Tamar was unfortunately the victim here). The issue was David. As a father, David was so wrapped up in his own sinful lust for Bathsheba and the death he set up in order to get her that he was oblivious to what was going on with his own children. Had he not been so self-consumed either with guilt or other forms of oppression, he could have been more engaged in his children’s lives so that all of the disaster that came from Amnon’s actions could have been avoided. If David was more open to his children or even placed servants around them that could gain their trust and help them when needed, Amnon may have had a better source to tell his troubles to. If David had punished Amnon for what he did, even in some way, Absalom may not have turned against him and tried toto take over his throne.

Now, Bible scholars, I know that what happened is part of the prophetic decree that the sword would never leave David’s house. But it still remains that this particular outcome happened because David was not engaged and therefore not aware of what was going on within his own house because he was too wrapped up in his own stuff. Children still can’t raise themselves. That’s why God gave that responsibility to those of us who have them.

So, how do we get beyond our own issues to properly engage in the lives of those around us, be they children, neighbors, friends or co-workers? We take to heart I Peter 5: 5-11, which sums up this blog and the one prior on wise counsel. We cast all our cares on the Lord and we remain vigilant or aware, so we don’t get pulled into the schemes of the enemy that he will often try to work through those that are closest to us.

Be strong and courageous. Trust and exalt God, not your issues. Lay your circumstances before the Lord and seek His face for the solutions. All the while, stay focused on what He called you to do so you will not be delayed or deterred from achieving your destiny.

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