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The Key To Moving in Spiritual Power

Here is the flow. We pray to God the Father. As blood-covered believers, Jesus Christ, in His righteousness, is always making intercession and putting forth the petitions for us. God hears, listens and rules on those petitions. Then the Holy Ghost goes out to perform whatever it is that God said. The Holy Spirit works in you when you pray and once the ruling is announced. It is through you and in you the Holy Ghost will move to bring God’s ruling to pass in your life. The Holy Spirit will provide you the assurance that the Lord has heard and ruled in your favor. Once you have that assurance you must operate in line with what the Holy Spirit has confirmed. When you speak, your words should line up with God’s ruling in your life. For it was with not just words but sound that God created the heavens and the earth (I will go more in depth in a future session). God will use your tongue and actions to create in the earth the justice He promised. Do we not read in Proverbs 18:21 that death and life are in the power of the tongue? And did not we read in James 2:17 that faith without the works is dead? What you do after you pray is just as important as how you pray. Our declarations must be in line with God’s will.

But the higher level of revelation and the key to moving in spiritual power is this. When we declare it is not us declaring but the Holy Spirit declaring through us. The earth and all that is in it responds to its Creator. We are merely vessels, rulers but vessels, through which the Creator legally speaks. When we declare things and when we say, “In the Name of Jesus” we are asserting to everything in the atmosphere that we are speaking on Christ’s behalf and in His power, not our own.

We see what happened to the sons of Sceva and the Jewish priests who used the name of Jesus to try to cast out evil spirits. Reading Acts 19:11-17, we see it didn’t work. Why not since they used the name of Jesus. Well, they SAID, “In the name of Jesus” but in their hearts they moved in their own power, which was sorely lacking. That is why the spirits did not recognize them. Creation, including demons, responds to its Creator. Those spirits were not created by them, didn’t belong to them and were not ruled by them. So, they had the freedom to rise up and prevail against those “preachers”. When you decree or declare a thing, you do so on behalf of God. Whatever God has ruled, you can declare that into the earth in His Spirit, power and authority. As a ruler of the earth, You are a vessel for the government of God including His rulings and laws. Your declarations will only be effective if they are inspired by the Holy Spirit and thus line up with God’s will.

“Whatever you bind on earth shall be bound in heaven and whatever you loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven” (Matthew 18:18)

Therefore, whatever you bind on earth has to be what God has already ordained in heaven to be bound. Then it will be bound. Whatever you loose on earth has to be whatever God has already ordained in heaven to be loosed. Then it will be loosed.

This is also why if you can pray in the Spirit with your spiritual language more and more, you will be built up and edified. For the Spirit will be praying righteous prayers for you through you. Prayers that will always get a just answer that will manifest in your life. Prayers for your peace and strength to grow in greater wisdom in God. This is one of the reasons praying in tongues is necessary for every believer. Forget about how it may seem to those around you and take your mind out of it. It has nothing to do with your mind and your mind will never understand it as long as your thoughts are opposed to it. You just have to do it by faith and when you allow the Spirit to pray through you in His language, you will experience and know why it is a critical part of your walk with God.

Everything you say and do is to represent the Kingdom of God. Whether in ministry, how you care for yourself or how you handle others, your career and your finances. A righteous servant, vessel, ruler does all in line with the will of the King of all Kings, Master of all Masters and Ruler of all of us Rulers. And every word we speak should only be what He gives us to speak so we are consistently seeing the manifestation of His will, His Government, His Kingdom in the earth.

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